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Are Fat Shots Plaguing Your Golf Game? A Simple Tip for Crisper Shots

Hey Golfers!

Over the years one of the top issues I see on a day to day basis instructing golfers is players who can't seem to hit the ball first, then the turf.

It's been called the dreaded "chunky monkey", "Fatty Patty", "the chunk and run" or just plain old "fat shot". Either way it's very frustrating!

Today, I want to share a very simple tip specifically for those golfers who don't have the time to practice as much as one would like to.

I hear it all the time from clients..."I want to be more consistent with my golf game."

I can definitely help you do that, but to be honest, unless the right mechanics are practiced and I'm talking focused perfect practice, consistency and I'm taking the kind that gets you shooting in the low 70's is earned. As Lee Trevino would say "if you want to play good golf, you have to move a lot of dirt".

On the flip side, I do have some great news for you...

I've got a simple tip that will indeed improve your ball striking and it won't take hours and hours to do.

The fact is for 90% or more golfers the biggest issue they have is they are overshifting to the trail side (right side for a right handed golfer and left side for the left ha did golfer).

What happens is their hip joint passes their ankle joint. When this happens you are breaking a anatomical law. I'll get to laws in a moment. The result is you aren't ever coming back to the ball which means you're gonna take a lot of turf first and hit that Fatty Patty!

The goal of course is to hit the ball then the turf! So How Do We Do That?

This can actually be fixed by simply pre-shifting to the trail leg at set up.

Now you're probably thinking to yourself that you're gonna lose power, but that's simply not true.

Have you ever watched a baseball player set himself up in the batters box?

He doesn't shift to the trail side as the pitch is being delivered does he? No! He sets himself up to shift to his lead side in a very powerful move to turn on the ball and go deep.

So can this be utilized in the golf swing?

Just watch Colin Morikawa set up. Colin is known as the best iron striker on tour and yes, Colin actually pre-shifts right to his trail leg before taking the club back.

If you think about it, it actually simplifies the swing and I promise you won't sacrifice distance either.

Ultimately by shifting right and lining your right hip joint directly over your ankle joint you will go from fat shot to crisp shots almost overnight.

I mentioned golf laws above. So let me touch on this...

Think of the golf swing as having just two laws you must never break and they are...

  1. The laws of physics

  2. The laws of anatomy

When you break either one of those laws you will most definitely pay the price.

By pre-shifting you will eliminate fat shots and enjoy a more consistent game.

If you are interested in lessons, jump on the home page and simply fill out the form and one of us will get back to you and set up a free zoom meeting where we can discuss your game and goals.


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