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Basic Putting Drills Everyone Should Be Doing

The Gate Drill

To set up the gate drill, you will need two rods (two golf clubs work fine) or two golf tee's. Lay the rods down on each side of the hole or place two tee's just outside of your putter face.

Make sure to space the shafts of the rods wide enough apart for your putter to make a stroke. Use these two rods as guide rails, attempting to swing the putter straight back and straight forward. If you're stroke is off, you’ll end up bumping into the rods (or tee's) which indicates your stroke wasn’t straight.

The key for this putting drill is to help you keep the club face square at impact.

20 Lag Putts Each from 30 Feet, 40 Feet & 50 Feet

To stop three putting, you need to work on your ability to putt the ball close to the hole from far away. This is called “lag putting.” This is the fastest way to reduce strokes on your card.

Make it a point to practice this skill as much as possible. Every single time you go to the range, finish your practice session on the green by getting in 60 reps from these 3 positions with a goal of reaching the cup by dying your putts within a 3 foot radius of the hole. If you leave your putt short or way long outside of the 3 foot gimme range, you don't get to count it as a success. Only putts that finish within 3 foot of the hole count as a successful putt.

At the end of each distance keep a record of your percentage so you can identify how well your progressing. The key is to be on purpose with each drill you do in order to track your progression.

Make 100 ‘3 Foot’ Putts in a Row

You should make it a habit to sink at least 100 putts in a row from 3 feet away day on the practice green before heading home. You want to make sure to move around the hole so you get different breaks, so you will want to hit 10 in a row from one position then move a foot around the hole to the right and do it again. If you miss a putt from a specific position simply start the 10 putts over until you nail the position and move on. Also, take notice of how much break you need to play with various types of break. This will help you down the road when you are playing.

The 2 Foot Eye's Shut Drill

Once you begin to hone your putting stroke, set up from 2 foot away and stroke 10 putts with your eyes shut. Feel the putter, feel the tempo, and listen to the ball drop into the hole. I personally love to finish my putting drills with this drill because it really cements it into my subconscious mind and builds confidence.

Overall, these four putting drills will help build up your core fundamental putting skills that you’ll need to shoot low golf scores and will end up being your go-to drills to improve your golf game!

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