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Callaway is at it again..."Revolutionizing Performance: Callaway's Paradym Irons and Hybrids"

Irons and hybrids are designed to provide a balance of distance and accuracy. The new Paradym and Paradym X from Callaway offer these features, and more. The Paradym irons and hybrids come in two options: the standard Paradym for the majority of golfers, and the Paradym X for those requiring extra forgiveness. Golfers who typically use the Triple Diamond drivers and fairway woods may find better results with the Apex line for irons, but may find great success with the standard Paradym hybrid due to its improved fitting and adjustable features.

The Paradym and Paradym X irons and hybrids from Callaway aim to strike a balance between distance and accuracy, the standard Paradym model is tailored to fit the majority of golfers while the Paradym X offers additional forgiveness. Players that are more comfortable with Triple Diamond driver and fairway models may find more success with the Apex line for irons, however, the standard Paradym hybrid, with its improved fitting and adjustable options, may still be a great option for them.

The Paradym and Paradym X irons feature a unique hollow body construction known as Speed Frame by Callaway. The frame provides support to the face to increase ball speed on off-center hits, while also allowing for a thinner structure to save weight. The back of the Paradym iron is similar to a frame brace on a supercar, it gives stability with minimal weight.

The Paradym irons have the ability to launch the ball higher with a more stable spin window due to the removal of mass that would typically be placed higher in a hollow body iron. Despite the use of strong and rigid materials, the irons still provide a soft sound and feel thanks to the patented Urethane Microspheres that encapsulate the internal tungsten weights which are placed low in the head to improve launch conditions and increase stability. Both the Paradym and Paradym X irons are priced at $200 per club or $1,400 for a standard 7-piece set and will be available at retail starting February 24, 2023.

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