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Learn The PGA Tour Professional Set-Up

Its interesting how students come to us with set-up positions that unbeknownst to the student is making the golf swing way harder than it needs to be. A proper set-up relieves back pain and stiffness as well as places the golfer in the most advantages position to swing the club and strike the ball.

The video below will show you exactly how to properly set-up to the golf ball just like the PGA professional. You will also learn that 99% of golfers have it all wrong when it comes to standing in an athletic position (weight on the balls of the feet). The weight needs to be in the heels if you want to hit consistent crisp high compression shots.

An athletic position places the golfer in a terrible shot placement position and the results are shots that are pushed right of target every single time (right handed golfer).

By being in what is called neutral spine alignment, you are in the ideal position to rotate your body around the spine. This improves your swing and club face control resulting in a more consistent golf game.

The video is narrated by Alison Theitje. Alison is the Chairman of Pumbline University and she has over 21 years of behind the ropes experience on the PGA tour working with several Major PGA winners over the past 21 years. Alison is also my partner and coaching mentor and is part of the coaching staff here at Kansas City Golf Academy. You will see a lot more videos from Plumbline University on our site due to my involvement as CEO of Plumbline University and our quest to grow the game of golf.

In the future, we will be offering online courses to help golfers improve their swings and club face control so that you can improve your game wherever you reside.


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