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Mastering Breaking Putts: Unlock Your Putting Potential with the High Line & Gated Drill!

One of the best ways to reduce your scores on the golf course is to be a proficient putter. Britton Brown shares a fantastic way to practice your putting stroke while leaving yourself with "tap in's" when you face long breaking putts.

The High line drill (breaking putts) along with the gated drill (to optimize your putting stroke) is designed to work on both stroke and severe breaking putts.

This drill will help you with aim and speed.

Here's How To Play The Game:

Hit 5 balls (keep track of score) Balls within 2 foot and end above the hole get 2 points.

Balls below the cup and outside of 2 foot get 0 points.

Balls that go in only get 1 point.

Max total is 10 points.

Drill is performed between 14 & 20 feet from cup.

**The goal is to eliminate 3 putts and master severe breaking putts and speed control.

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