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Windy Day? Here's How to Hit Tiger's Stinger

When we hear the word stinger in golf, the first thought that often comes to mind is Tiger Woods and his famous 2 iron stinger he rips down the fairway.

If you don’t carry a 2- or 3-iron, a fairway wood or your driver will achieve similar results.

This shot is best used on windy days, you can use it to maximize distance by hitting that low

flying drive that stays low and runs like crazy upon landing. Its also a great go to when your driver isn't behaving itself.

So what's his secret? How do we hit the stinger like Tiger?

To hit the “stinger” you want to produce a low dynamic loft when you strike the golf ball in order to create a low launch and low spin.

By default, when you play your typical shot you're hitting with high dynamic loft. So this shot is going to be a little different and will take a little practice to get used to hitting with low dynamic loft, but once you have mastered it, its a shot that you can easily rely on when you need it.

How's it Done?

In order to produce low dynamic loft, you want to create forward shaft lean at impact. This basically means the grip of your club is ahead of the club face when striking the golf ball. This position ultimately delofts the face which helps lower the launch angle and in turn reduces back spin rate.

You Will Have to Change Your Set-up

1. Start by moving the golf ball a little further back in your stance and place a little more weight (start with 60%) on your lead side (left side for right hander's). This simple adjustment in set up will set your hands forward at address and will help you produce a slight downward hit on the ball.

2. You will need to choke down about an inch on the grip for added control. These adjustments should cause your arms and the shaft to form a “y”. Make a smooth, full back-swing, and try to retain this “y” as much as possible throughout the swing.

3. Here is the key! In order to create a low loft and square face at impact your lead wrist will have to be slightly bowed at impact. It's here that the stinger’s low trajectory and extra roll comes from. You can practice by making a swing with your lead arm, without a club. As your lead hand gets to the impact position in the bowed position look to see if you can see if the logo on the glove points to the ground directly in front of the ball.

4. Lastly, make sure you maintain this low loft through impact and during the follow through by killing your follow through. Your mental swing thought is to hit the ball and stop your follow through. This prevents the wrists from flipping over after impact.

Once you achieve the proper impact position, your finish will flow naturally, as the trunk and arms rotate the club around to the left. You might think that this might cause you to slice the ball but in fact its what allows for a low, running draw. The faster the body unwinds, the farther you can hit the ball.

The finish should feel very different from a normal swing where your hands turn over. In order to “sting” it, the wrists stay firm, and the left elbow folds down toward the ground.

See you out on the range!

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