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Golf has now entered the high tech age with the advent of the golf launch monitor. The truth is, launch monitors have a huge impact on how you quickly progress as a player. When properly utilized with your instructor who knows how to decipher the data you will truly be amazed at how much data can be used to improve your game and take it to a whole new level by taking the guess work out of your swing.

By using a launch monitor player benefit in a number of ways, and the best part is all golfers from professionals to complete beginners stand to benefit.

So What Do Launch Monitors Actually Do?

A launch monitor basically captures just about every imaginable piece of data related to the impact and launch of the golf ball for a players given swing. There is an incredible amount of technology packed into these machines, which is why they command such a high price (up to $30k) do to the monitors being capable of capturing incredibly detailed information about how the club strikes the ball and how the ball takes off into the distance.

Despite the high-speeds at play when a golfer strikes the ball, launch monitors using doplar radar are able to slow down the swing into a measurable reality by measuring what is taking place throughout the swing.

Some of just a few of the important measurements that can be taken by a launch monitor include the following –

  • Club Head speed: The speed that the club is traveling when it strikes the ball.

  • Ball speed: This is a measurement of the speed of the ball as it leaves the face of the club.

  • Spin rate: There is spin on every golf shot, and a launch monitor can measure that spin and use the information to accurately predict what would happen with the shot in its entirety.

  • Swing path: The direction that the club is traveling through the hitting zone.

  • Face angle: Where is the face pointed at impact? You’ll know when you use a launch monitor that can report back on how close to square you managed to get.

  • Attack angle: The vertical angle in which club head is moving at impact. This is incredibly important with irons and drivers.

  • Smash Factor: This is a calculation of swing speed divided by ball speed. In a nutshell, its the golfers grade for how well he is impacting the ball. Lower smash factors are very telling for a golfer. It means they are not getting everything out of the ball striking they have executed. Inconsistent smash factors will result in inconsistent yardages.

So How Can You Actually Improve Your Golf Game By Using A Launch Monitor?

First, one of the biggest advantage you stand to gain is by finding out what the right equipment for your game is. The truth is, if you aren’t using the right gear, you are making this game harder than it needs to be.

For instance, you might be using a shaft that is too stiff (or too soft) for the dynamics of your swing speed. Or, maybe you could benefit from a different shaft weight, club length, lie angle, or any of a number of other variables. Hitting balls in front of a launch monitor, and working with a professional club fitter, will help you find the perfect set of clubs for your needs.

Beyond equipment fittings, launch monitors are used to hone in the specific areas where your swing needs to improve.

For an example, you might be struggling with your driver causing you to slice the ball, but do you actually know why you are slicing it? The launch monitor accurately measures the dynamics of your swing and in turn when you work with a professional instructor they are able to quickly diagnose the root of the problem and help you figure out what it is that’s causing the ball to curve so dramatically.

The biggest problem we here at Kansas City Golf Academy (KCGA) see when working with amateur golfers is that way too many golfers simply guess what their problems are in their games, and in turn they unfortunately end up making the problem worse or at best perhaps fixing one component but causing another and sometimes even worse issue as a result.

The Definition of Insanity- "Doing The Same Thing Over and Over Again While Expecting a Different Result"

Sadly too many golfers are doing just that! Golfers of all levels can find themselves wasting a lot of time trying to fix swing problems that simply either don’t exist or aren’t really the underlying cause of their issues.

So lets set that concern to the side by working with a Kansas City Golf Academy (KCGA} instructor who is an expert in working with launch monitors so you can get an accurate evaluation of your current swing, ball flight and equipment before trying to make any changes on your own.

With the advent of Launch Monitors, there truly is no need to guess in this high-tech age – you can just utilize a launch monitor and figure out exactly what is going on.

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