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Rates & Plans

Lesson's can be set up  "a la carte". This means you get to pick what you want to work on.


Our rate is $150.00 for 1 hour, 1-1 lessons.

You can choose...

  • Driver Lesson

  • Fairway Woods Lesson

  • Long Iron Lesson

  • Wedges Lesson

  • Bunker Lesson

  • Short Game Lesson

  • Putting Lesson


For Elite Players, please see our performance coaching program under The Pro Tour Experience page.


Payment Methods: Cash, Venmo or Cashapp

Note: If you are looking for group lessons, or if you have a junior golfer please contact me directly for a quote at 816-785-3664.

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The KCGA Program

Whats the Kansas City Golf Academy Program About?

I specialize in proper body mechanics, which translates into pain free golf. It also produces longer drives, better ball flights and more distance control.

I work with beginner golfers to professionals.

Here is what I offer:

Coaching Session 1: Free Zoom Meeting! We meet online to discuss the players goals, current game and struggles. We will discuss bio-mechanics and why its so important to your swing/game. 

Coaching Session 2: Range Time! Work is focused on proper set-up, ball placement, foot placement, and swing path with the players mid-range irons. By understanding proper set-up and what the real engine of the golf swing is as well as how to properly load for consistent power, we can establish a successful foundation to build an optimal and reliable golf swing. The session ends with take home drills.

Coaching Session 3: Range Time! Work is focused on the driver. Although each session starts by recapping the last session, in session 3 we transition to the driver. This session is focused on the "secret move" to develop more power and consistency with your driver. The goal of this session is finding more power, better ball contact and achieving more consistency off the t-box.

Coaching Session 4: Range Time and Practice Green for Chipping & Pitching. If you want to lower your scores, then this is it! This is in my opinion one of the most important lessons schedule you will take. Our goal is to keep building on what you have learned by dialing in your wedges around the green. We will focus on different ball flights and optimal yardages for each wedge in your bag. We will then head to the practice green to dial in your pitching and chipping yardages. We will practice different shots around the green and teach you how to hit the flop shot with consistency.

Coaching Session 5: Putting is the name of the game! Few golfers truly know how to  use proper tempo to consistently drain putts and get rid of the dreaded 3 putt. In this session, you will learn how to read greens, and proper putting mechanics that will get rid of the yips to drain more putts in that 5 foot range so many people struggle with. You will learn different methods of green reading as well as when to be aggressive and when to die the ball at the cup. As the old saying goes, "we drive for show and putt for dough". If you are looking to shave strokes on your game, this is the #1 place to do it!

Coaching Session 6: Back to the Range! This session all about your fairway woods, long irons and utility woods. With a solid foundation behind us, we can now start dialing in our woods and long irons. Our goal is to put you in a more confident position to start attacking those par 5's and long par 4's that used to be out of your reach.

Coaching Session 7: We head to the beach! You will learn to hit out of fairway bunkers, mid-range bunkers and dial in bunker shots around the green. By learning proper swing mechanics, ball placement and distance control, the dreaded bunker for some will now become a strength and a weapon in your game.

Coaching Session 8 and beyond...By now, the goal is to have you in an above average competency level. We can now begin to really dial in all areas of your game. However, little things do creep back in (even for the best in the world), so when they do, all you have to do is schedule a maintenance session to quickly get ahead of the problem and fix the issue.

Additional Services:

Indoor Launch Monitor/Putting Lessons: Weather issues are not a problem with my clients. Whether its too cold or we experience rain, we can and will take our training indoors. Not only can we go through the normal lesson, but by using a launch monitor we can get into the data that helps us become precision ball strikers. A launch monitor allows us to see what we can't see with the visual eye. Data such as smash factor, club face impact, ball axis, attack angles, spin rate, ball distance (w/your balls that you actually use), launch direction, club path, etc. allow you to truly unleash your potential as a player. I also provide putting instruction via a 11 stimp practice green so we can work on tempo, proper take-away, speed and club path in order to dial in your putting.

Lastly, for those of you who may be checking me out among all the great coaches out there, please understand that you can pick and choose whichever session you would like to work on. You can also take your time and schedule sessions in whichever order you would like.

My goal as your coach is to help you understand proper swing mechanics in order to lower your scores and enjoy pain free golf.

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