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Britton Brown


Britton is the Head Performance Coach and Instructor of the Kansas City Golf Academy. 

Britton is a professional golfer based out of Kansas City. He has over 40 years of golf experience and brings extensive knowledge in both tournament golf experience, practice, course management and body movement in the golf swing. 

His coaching techniques are focused on teaching clients the right sequential movement patterns in the golf swing. This exponentially shortens the learning curve for all ages and levels of performance.

He is also the performance coach trusted by numerous mini-tour players.

The goal is to get all players swinging like the PGA Tour Professionals you see on television.

Golfer hitting golf

Danny Stegman

Danny Stegman has worked in the golf industry for over 15 years.


Danny is a club builder as well as an accomplished instructor here in Kansas City.  Danny works on both the instructional and performance coaching that the KCGA offers and is located in Blue Springs, MO.

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