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The Pro Tour Experience


The Pro Tour Experience coaching program is specifically designed for the golfer who is serious about on course game improvement. This is the area that matters most when improving your handicap.

The truth is, how you practice will make the biggest impact on your game!

Don't just take my word for it...Justin Thomas will tell you the secret to his success was how he practiced. "A big reason for my recent successes comes from the way my dad and my short-game coach, Matt Killen, analyze my performance so we can optimize my practice time. They pore over my stats and identify the ones that matter most." JT

The Kansas City Golf Academy provides the player with the most comprehensive coaching program for the aspiring golfer. By analyzing your daily performance, we can optimize your practice so you can shoot lower scores. 

This coaching program takes the guesswork out of what areas you should be practicing based specifically on each players own game. This is a one on one coaching experience that the PGA Tour Pros use to keep their games sharp, their bodies in peak physical condition and it even includes a nutritional component to play at your best. 


This is not a swing instruction program! The Pro Tour Experience is specifically designed to give you access to the the exact drills and course management skills that the tour professionals use and is the only real way to lower your handicap! So, whether you are a client of the KCGA or you use the services of another swing instructor, it doesn't matter. The Pro Tour Experience has you covered.

The focus is to utilize circles as best practices as it pertains to managing the players shot data. This allows is to target several key areas of a players game.


  1. Help the player take advantage of “low hanging fruit” so the player can easily identify the areas where they can focus their practice on the specific areas of their game that will allow them to quickly shave strokes off their game. For example, if they are consistently losing strokes in the 10-20 yard zone off the green, the player will know the key yardage to focus on during practice. Thus, giving them confidence and experience in different lies to eliminate an extra stroke.

  2. The player is held accountable for their work on their game. Accountability is key to keeping the player focused and on point on the key areas that will make the biggest impact on their game. This especially works well for those players who need structure and balance as well as accountability.

  3. Players have a weekly one on one conversation with their coach to recap their rounds, go over their data and provide input from both the player and coach.

  4. A big part of playing at the highest level is a combination of collecting the players true data, covering the players game plan, purposeful practice and making sure the mental aspect of his/her game is in check.

  5. Motivation is different from player to player. Some players need to stay balanced and on point, where is some players either need positive motivation or someone to be direct and on target with the players work ethic, goals and practice. It’s simply different for each player. Whatever that is for you, you have to be coachable and ready to embrace that killer mentality. We will tell you the truth, while keeping you focused so you can accomplish your goals.


We offer coaching from the truest sense. No holding back, we hit issues spot on while turning players into champions. Our players are serious about being the best. We drive players to adapt that killer mindset every time they put a club in their hand. Our full staff offers players resources such as coaching, from mental, nutrition, athletic movement, to swing mechanics and golf specific workouts to help that player reach their peak performance.


Why is this important for a player that wants to reach his goals? Tour players and especially major champions know it. The best players know it’s about focusing on every minute detail to take their game to the next level. When you do the little things right, when you do everything you can to find every edge you can to take your game to the next level and you have that burning desire to keep pushing yourself the outcome is inevitable…success!


Hard work is good. But smart work is on a whole different level. When you work hard, you’re just working. When you work smart, you’re working hard on the right things, for specific results. 


Hard work is not always smart work. When you train for looks, you’re just training hard. When you train for performance, that’s training smart. If you don’t protect the entire chain, you leave yourself vulnerable. You leave your performance in a vulnerable state, heck you leave your body vulnerable to injury. This is the difference when you compare the athlete that is always at the top of his game and the one who is a flash in the pan.


I’ve seen plenty of super talented athletes get beaten by the grinder. Some times it’s due to a grinder simply having a good weekend, but more often then not it’s because the grinder leaves nothing to chance and ends up being one of the greats while that super talent just relies on their natural gift. Give me a grinder who is sold out to the process and has the ability to be coached and I’ll turn them into a killer.


If that is you, if you’re ready to take your game, your focus your goals to the next level and have that burning desire to be the best then this is the program for you.


We will give you the tools and the resources to set yourself apart from the rest. Bottom line, We build champions!

We build a weekly practice schedule, gym workout schedule as well as a weekly nutritional menu that is tailored to your game and fitness goals.

What to Expect:


A weekly 30 minute coaching call to review your weekly performance on the course.

  • All performance stats are tracked, reviewed, saved and shared with the player including...

  1. Shot by shot on course analysis, includes strokes gained

  2. Selected benchmarks to work towards

  3. Automated tracking towards your goal

  4. Up and Down (including bunker)

  5. Detailed analysis including per shot strokes gained

  6. Personalized practice targets tailored to achieve your goal faster

  7. Personalized and structured improvement plan including opportunities, potentials, actions and suggested timeline

  8. Guidance to choose suitable universities (for elite high school players), support connecting with coaches and help with application process

  • Sunday evening you will be sent your weekly practice and gym workout schedule that includes performance reports (gym workout is an upgrade)

  • You will be given a weekly gym workout that is designed for the athlete (Upgrade in Price). 

  • A weekly dietary menu is provided (Upgrade in Price)

  • Goals are reviewed from the prior week and set for the upcoming week.

  • Biweekly swing review with 30 minute one on one zoom instruction once per month live on the range

Starting at $270.00 per month

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